Thursday, September 11, 2008

Kanye arrested at LAX

LAPD arrested Kanye West and his assistant at LAX, this morning, for felony vandalism. Apparently he wasn't feeling all the "flashing lights" at the airport:

A still photographer was trying to take pics of Kanye at the American Airlines terminal. According to our guy on the scene, Kanye allegedly confronted the photog and smashed his camera to the ground.
Our photog then began videotaping the scene when Kanye's assistant grabbed our camera -- a struggle ensued and the assistant threw the video camera to the ground, breaking it.
When Kanye realized our camera guy had videotaped the incident, he rushed our guy and yelled, "Gimme that f**king tape!"

Even though Kanye is a celebrity, he deserves some type of privacy. Although, at the same time I understand that being crowed with cameras and such is a part of the job; something to be expected. Either way, he broke a fucking camera and to arrest him on a felony is some bullshit. I'm pretty sure there was a robbery somewhere in progress (and I'm guessing; were in a recession! I been thinking about hitting a bank or two myself) and there were more urgent matters at hand. Both him and his assistant will be charged.


UPDATE: I got the video

The camera slam was absolutely classic. Timeless. I can't wait for someone to decide they wanna flash a light my way. I'll smash yo' camera bitch. TRUE FUCKING STORY!

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