Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Baggy tight jeans

Yesterday it was the Thong Jeans and now we have the Baggy Tight Jeans. The funny thing is me and my cousin was just talking about how niggas is taking this punk rock rapper thang way too far! These jeans are all the way HOMO (and I'm no homophobe) and I already know they will be all the rage. Juelz Santana, Jim Jones, Baby and Weezy are all going to have a pair of these jeans in every color and wash. And then every other rapper is going to follow because that's just the order of things. And also because everybody and they favorite rapper pole rides Wayne's shit.

Flicks spotted at The Life Files

Video: Akon and T-Pain "I Can't Wait"

I stumbled across this video by accident while looking for a video by a nigga named G.E.D. Look, I don't make shit up! This song by Akon actually touched my soul (a wittle bit) because it's so damned cute. And when did T-Pain start playing the piano?

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

420 Friendly Links 4/29/2008

Thong jeans are all the rage (yeah right!) - MzVirgo

Legless lizard found in Barzil - Best Week Ever blog

Young and Thuggin' - Crunktastical

One eyed Willie is already selling her ass - ICEDOTCOM

Ashy Gary and his white wife on Divorce Court - That's Not Hott

Hulk and Brooke Hogan get too close for comfort - h8torade

Happy 42nd birthday Too $hort!

Too $hort celebrated his 42nd birthday in Miami at Sobe Live. Damn, Short is creeping up on 50 real fast. He performed and of course, there were bitches in the house.

More pictures

Video: Plies feat. Ne-Yo "Bust It Baby pt.2"

I personally did not watch the whole video, only because I like the version with Trey Songz better. I just knew I would see a topless Trey sanging his skinny heart out. Not that I have any complaints about Ne-Yo. He may look like a catfish, FRESH, but I would still smash no ifs, ands or buts about it....

Video: The Dream: "I Luv Your Girl"

The Dream looks like a singing cinnamon Teddy Graham. My boy, E-DUB, begs to differ and said he actually looks like Teddy Rupxin. That tickled me pink, I'll tell ya! Either way, The Dream is ugly. And so are his dance moves. The only thing that saves him is his style of dress. That is all! Enjoy the video.

Monday, April 28, 2008

New Music: Trina and Killer Mike "Look Back at Me"

My favorite song off of Trina's new album. I doubt it will be a single for the simple fact that it's dirty. Trina never ceases to amaze me with her lyrics.

Slap it in my face/Shove it down my throat...

You so crazy Khia

Khia was kicked off of Miss Rap Supreme last week and now she is blogging about errbody and they cousin, auntie, mom and favorite sibling. Here is a snippet of what she had to say about Kim Kardashian:

And Ms. Kim….. The wannabe soooo innocent hoe that fucked and sucked Ray- J good and put that sex tape out on purpose….. She wanted yall to see her suck dat dick. SCANDULOUS HOES… That’s what hoes do…. To get famous!!! She went and got some ass shots and now she‘s a super HOE star….. And us Queens are out here grinding and working hard and y’all wanna hate on a Queens like me!! Ya;ll call me black and ugly???How can you put BLACK and UGLY in the same sentence and these whores is steady taking our BLACK KINGS???? What has she done besides… Suck a dick… And she get REGGIE…. I want me a football player…. Reggie call me baby…… Ohhhhhh I forgot… It’s ALL WAYNE’S!!!!! I love my BLACK KINGS!! Don’t ya’ll get it???? Black is beautiful but you black bitches don’t seem to get that! I’m soooo glad that the white bitches do!!! Dats a muthafuckin damn shame!!!

Although, she does make a point about the state of Black relationships between Black men and women, she could could have took it easy on the nasty language. Check the rest of the Blog post out at her Myspace page. With a couple of grammer and english classes, Khia could might could be a great writer.

When grown men are bored.....

There has been a whole bunch of unnecessary drama going on in the NBA Playoff series between the Cavs and the Wizards. DeShawn (Stevenson) spoke his own opinion and said that Lebron was "overrated" and in turn Lebron compare himself being Jay-Z, whereas he compared DeShawn to Soulja Boy. And that started beef between the two. The Wizards whooped the Cavs, then the Cavs whooped the Wizards and there are still games to go, blah, blah.... But now Jay-Z is involved and made a diss record towards DeShawn.

Visit What Eye Thought for the song and more on this story. (He knows more about sports than I do!!!!!)

I guess Jay-Z is playing Captin Sav-A-Hoe and coming to Lebron's defense. Why can't DeShawn and Lebron just play basketball, like their paid to do? And why did Jay-Z even have to go there with these two youngin's? I guess this is what happens when grown [and rich] men get bored. In my opinion, neither team is going to that Championships this year any damn ways. Slap me if I end up being wrong.....

Sunday, April 27, 2008

New Video: Ne-Yo "Closer"

The first single off of Ne-Yo's new album, Year of the Gentleman, which is scheduled to drop June 24th. Although, I like another song of his better, Let's Just Be, this song is growing on me. The video is pretty good.

Friday, April 25, 2008

California Soul

This song makes me proud to be from California. I can't stop listening to it. Enjoy and have a good weekend!

Thanks What Eye Thought

Wardrobe malfunction

I am so sick of attention whores, I'll tell ya! There is no other reason why Sean Garrett (from "Bed Gripping" fame) would have left his house looking like this. Like, for real, a shiny bubble VEST! My feelings are hurt and I feel like crying. Oh Shesus!!!! This picture was taken at the 11th BMI Atlanta Unsigned Urban Showcase. Is this where all these "undesirables" are getting their record deals? If so, can I start a petition?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

5 signs HE ain't interested

I die a little bit more on the inside every time I see this picture.

While doing my blog rounds of the day, I came across an article by The Fly Guy. Lately, I have been feeling like my special guy friend's interest in me is waning... It's hard to swallow, I know. And after reading this article I signed because I know more than likely, my assumptions are right. But for all the other ladies (and men) out there still wondering if he's feeling you the same way you feelin him, read the list below...

1. He never calls first.

Do me a favor and check how many times you’ve called him over the past two weeks. Once you’ve written that number down, compare it to the number of times he’s called you during that same period.

Big difference?

Listen, when you’re the one that calls first … every single time … what he’s actually showing you is that he’s about as interested in you as Naomi Campbell is in attending anger management classes.

2. He never attempts to make any plans with you.

Another indicator that he’s not interested in you can be found in how aggressively he tries to make plans with you. Does he immediately come to the table with the “who, what, when, where, and why” of a romantic night out? Or does he talk about seeing you in terms that are about as vague as Al Sharpton’s job description? (After all these years, I still don’t know what he does.)

Side Bar: Late night calls asking you to “come over and watch this movie with me,” don’t exactly equate to him making legitimate plans.

3. He constantly cancels the date at the last minute.

You look beautiful tonight. In fact, you always do on date night. But shortly before it’s time for you to meet, the phone rings. It’s him on the other end, beginning the same conversation you’ve heard many times before …

“Hey I’m sorry, but my job is making me work late again. My boss always seems to find a way to keep us apart.”

Fly Guy Translation: “I really don’t feel like going out with you tonight. Plus, I forgot the game was about to come on, so I had to weigh my options. Let’s see: spending money on you … watching the game … spending money on you … watching the game. I think we both know who won that battle.”

4. He becomes a master magician (now you see me, now you don’t.)

In the beginning, the two of you would speak several times a day … kind of like Kevin Federline and The Unemployment Office. And just when you thought something positive was about to happen, he up and disappeared … kind of like Kevin Federline and The Unemployment Office.

In fact, you were THIS close to giving up on him; then conveniently, he reappeared. Of course, he apologized and gave his word that it would never happen again. But it did, and the cycle continued … kind of like Kevin Federline and … well you get the point.

5. He begins to point out your differences.

A rather obvious sign that he’s not interested is when he starts pointing out your differences … no matter how random or how insignificant they may be. Maybe you like to argue and he doesn’t. Perhaps you’re a Democrat and he’s a Republican. Or maybe you like fried fish but he prefers baked … Doritos to his Sun Chips … Colgate to his Crest … Connect Four to his Battleship … Should I go on?

Here’s the bottom line. By highlighting your differences, what he’s really trying to say is this: “We aren’t made for each other.”

And ain't all that a bitch? But it's life and it happens to the best of us. For more love advice (from a Black man, oh la la) visit The Fly Guy Chronicles.

"Love In This Club Remix" with Beyonce and Weezy

Usher's new album cover by the way! Here is the remix with Baby Daniel's Te-Te, Beyonce and Lil Wanye. Enjoy!

Definition of Real

And yes Algernod is all the way serious about this album cover. This nigga right here....... never cease to amaze me. Poppin' a squat on your album cover is never the business.

Video: R.Kelly "Hair Braider"

So, he's fucking his hair braider(s). I am mad that he actually included a GOLDILOCKS scene in this bitch of a video. Can he please just give up?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Riskay, Aviance and Real: "Smell Yo Dick"

While doing some blog runs this morning I came across the unofficial video for "Smell Yo Dick". And this video contains all types of wrong. I mean, smelling dicks is just wrong. Shesus, accept me...I'm coming home!

Found at Crunktastical

Lil Wayne: "Milli"

Hot fiyahhh!!!!

Mary and Jay play out Oakland fans

I was out of town over the weekend so I had no idea that Mary and Jay postponed their Oakland concert on Sunday. Apparently, they claimed there was technical difficulties but a person working on the tour (and also from Oakland) emailed SHAMELESSHYPE.COM and revealed the real reason:

"What's good, i'm a employee on the Jay-Z/Mary J. Blige tour and im also a native of Oakland. As you may had heard, the show was postponed due to some ol bullsh*t excuse of technical difficulties, but I know for a fact that nothing was wrong other than the fact that Jay and MJB were in no rush to get to Oakland, because they were too busy getting drunk in Vegas and wasnt trippin off performing in front of a non-sellout crowd in Oakland. I am sending you this because you guys are repping the bay and I was make sure that my town knew the real reason behind this. Please do not release my email address, because a brotha still needs this job with the show. Peace!"

And I believe it all.

Nas: "Be A Nigger Too"

All I can say about this song is WOOOWWWW! Take a listen it is controversy at it's finest. The chorus of this song is a GEM!

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes at the video shoot for "Get Like Me" by David Banner. This song is my shit, David Banner is my dude and Chris Brown is my guilty pleasure! You know I will be posting the video as soon as it premieres.

A Harris family affair!

With Clifford being on house arrest and everythang he got all this time to knock up his girlfriend. Because Tiny ain't his wife...they just shacking up. Not sure if these pictures are from a baby shower or what. But they all look good, healthy and happy. Pregnancy is a beautiful thang....

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I have been tagged....

Looks like Bahama and Chrissy, 2 Ditzy Broads, tagged me and now I have to name 6 crazy things about myself. I know I am like one day late. But it looked fun, so I said, "Why not?" Here are the rules folks:

Link the person who tagged you.

Mention the rules in your blog.

Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.

Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them.

Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they have been tagged.

Six thangs about Sweetberries

1. I do not allow guest to do a number 2 in my apartment bathroom. I do not care if it's an emergency. If you think you might have to shit that day, stay yo' ass away from my apartment.

2. I hate when my feet touch wet surfaces. It gives me the heebie jeebies. So because of this, I dry my feet FIRST when exiting the shower. And I make SURE my bathroom floor has no water droplets.

3. I sleep dial.

4. I might be the most clumsiest person you will ever meet.

5. I think that the taste of cilantro is offensive to the taste buds.

6. I believe in astrology when it says good things about me and my sign. When it doesn't say anything good, I rule it out as bullshit.

That it's for me. Hey, hate me or love me just don't take a shit in my bathroom. And now I am waiting to hear from Savvy Fatty, What Eye Thought, MzVirgo, IDK, Baby Daniel and CCGroovy.

Friday, April 18, 2008

420 Friendly Links 4/18/2008

There are only a few things worth checking out on my Bday. One of them is the Tang Wars going on over at Baby Daniel's (pictured above) blog. And please watch yo' step when you enter his domain. He shank niggas for free round them parts. And you got to check the You Tube Clip of the Day over at Crunktastical. Men with titties is making a comeback and it's skrong!!! Last but not least Erykah is back and talking more shit over at Cele-Blitz. Time is for white people, ya dig.

That is all.
Enjoy your weekends as much as I am about to enjoy mines.

Raven Symone covers Jet

She looks great and is representing for the chubby wubbies. I cannot hate.

My grand opening anniversary!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

420 Friendly Links 4/17/2008

I been wanting to post this piece of crayon art!

Jayonce still playing games - Bossip

Learn to shake yo' poak chop - Crunktastical

5 ways to tell SHE ain't interested - The Fly Guy

Check out the latest at Black and Missing but not Forgotten

Video: Mary J. Blige "Stay Down"

Eddie's brand new beard

Flick via Crunktastical

There has to be something about Eddie because he sho'll do be catching them. His new girlfriend, Lara LaRue almost looks exactly like Nicole. Try something different Eddie. Or better yet, just come out the closet!

“He is already telling his friends that he is in love.” Lara, a sometime-model and a ringer for Eddie’s ex-wife Nicole Murphy, admitted to In Touch: “I know Eddie. He’s an amazing guy. I respect him and he respects me.” An insider reveals that Lara and Eddie met while bowling and have been keeping the relationship quiet. Eddie and Lara share the same April 3 birthday — but Eddie is 47 and Lara is 25."


See YT's embarass their people too....

I cannot stop laughing at that bra. Dem tiddies riding low though......

A star has been born!

Just please Shesus be a Lane Bryant outfit!!!! Go over to Crunktastical to get the rest of the pictures (yes there's more!) and see the video Fresh was kindly enough to make.

"Look back at it!"

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New Music: Ne-Yo "Let's Just Be"

This is my shit, I love it. It should be his first single.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Miss Rap Supreme

So Miss Rap Supreme premiered right after Flavor of Love last night on VH1. You know I watched it!!! Nicky2States is the phoniest bitch on the planet. And I am mad that she takes herself all the way serious. She has four children and she needs to go and mother them. She'll be gone soon.

Lionezz was the first one to go. She wasn't a rapper any damn ways. And she said something about llama's and after a bad experience with that animal, in particular, I shudder when I hear the word.

And Chiba is my favorite so far. She is a true "femcee" as she can write and freestyle. She will win.

And after a phony ass 16 Khia was almost eliminated. Luckily for her, she is able to live and eat for free for another day.

Black people will show up to anything

All these niggas showed up the County Music Awards last night. For this I have no words....
That is all!

Who gives a fuck?

Robert, from Day 26 (--the one famous for being a bitch...) proposed to his girl June Pettiford. I am not sure what the big deal is being that I never keep up with MTB but apparently he has lied about being with the girl. I wanna know how did he pay for that lobster and them rings. You can't use your EBT card at Kay's Jeweler's..... Because we all know Diddy ain't paid nobody. Word on the street is that Cheri Dennis has a part time gig at her local Burger King. Anywhoo, get the rest of the scoop at YBF.

Touch my body please!

Steve Harvey is all the way serious about his Take Off Your Shirt (at 50 fucking years old) campaign. You know I had jokes about Steve going topless but then I seen the topless pictures of a brickhouse of a man named Big Boom. He's been Steve's bodyguard for 18 years. And I have one demand for this man: touch my body please! Check out some more D.I.L.F's (Daddy's I'd Like To Fuck) at Steve

Monday, April 14, 2008

YT gurl thuggin'

Not sure of how many people watch The Rock of Love with Brett Michaels on VH1 but I do. Hey, if I can watch a gang of Black women embarrass themselves on Flavor of Love, I am fa' damn sho' going to turn in to the YT bitches acting a damn fool! There ain't no double standards with me!!!!! This is a preview of the reunion that airs next Sunday and if the whole reunion is going to be like this, I cannot wait to tune in.

I ain't never seen these hoes....

I am pretty sure these blondes aren't having any fun. No one would dare offer.... Anyways, these hoes was in the house at The Mezzanine in San Francisco Saturday night to watch David Banner perform.

He was celebrating his birthday. ARIES POWER!!!!!! My birthday is this Friday!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Miss Texas crowned Miss USA 2008

Miss Texas Crystle Stewart was crowned Miss USA 2008 last night in Las Vegas. She is a professional model and owns a party planning and motivational speaking company. She is the 5th Black woman to win the title in the whole 57 year history of the Miss USA pageants.


Friday, April 11, 2008

It's the fucking weekend!!!!

Ludacris smoking that Blueberry Yum Yum....

Take Luda's advice. Have a good weekend folks!

Kobe is out of sight!

I do not know whether to believe this tape or not. All I do know if this is real then Kobe is as amazing as everyone says he is. Check it out and judge for yourself!

I have to say that Kobe sho did impress me. I'd smash.. He still a punk ass bitch though.

Kanye West is looking for happiness

I love how Kanye has matured over these last few months. Right now he is in Japan and had this to say about money and happiness:

"I don't do anything I don't love anymore... I loved the flashing lights vid so it didn't matter 2 me if someone one else didn't. While people chase money I pursue happiness. So many people talk about there investments or how much money they have but there's so many rich people who spend a lot of that trying 2 buy a piece of happiness. If there's anything my mom taught me is to enjoy life. I just recorded my first verse in the last 6 months 2 days ago at Bape's Studio in Japan. It felt good and I was inspired. I absolutely lost my mind (in a good way) on the new Glow in the Dark tour. The constant hours of creating helped me 2 keep from loosing my mind in a bad way. Chris Milk told me tragedy can produce great art and this is definitely true. I am a total mad man now, up till 3 am every night, trying 2 fight pain, board-um, and uncertainty with creativity. All that said, life is good..... good as finding the perfect fabric for a simple one button casual blazer."

Life is way more than money. Yeah, we all wish we could have more but happiness doesn't have a price. I know I would rather be happy and broke instead of unhappy but rich.



R.Kelly just released some promo pictures for his new song Hair Braider. All he talks about his fucking the girl that braids his weave so I have no idea where the gold comes in at. He is crying for some attention.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Finally some real music

Just when I prayed to Shesus to unbreak my heart.... I went into my email and I received another homemade Gucci video. Baby boy makes me lose my breath!

The Jacka: "All Over Me"

Jacka is Bay Area artist and his new song "All Over Me" is getting major radio play in my area. I love this song. Hopefully, it's good enough to get him some 106&Park love. Not really MTV material, they a little too classy for this stuff.... Just being honest.
"All Over Me" audio

420 Friendly Links 4/10/2008

Interview with a zombie - Crunk and Disorderly

The first Usher Raymond V sighting! - Necole Bitchie

For all the MAC make-up lovers! - Savvy Fatty

Luke has some baby mama drama - Mz Virgo

Check out The Urban Blogger; it's where we unite

"Finer Things" DJ Felli Fel, Kanye, Ne-Yo, JD

New hot music from DJ Felli Fell featuring a slew of artists. This shit is hot right here. Enjoy!
Finer Things audio

Thanks Lawrence!

Please stop Shawntae....

Da Brat tried to switch the game up I see. It didn't work though. She accepted an award last night at the ASCAP Pop Awards. But my question: if you girl up the hair, why not girl up your outfit? She looks like a confused lipstick lesbian....