Thursday, March 27, 2008

Black and Missing but not Forgotten

Something that bothers me with American media is the attention they DO NOT pay to cases involving missing and murdered African American women. When a white woman come up missing, there are national news reports and organized searches for the body or the offender. As African American women, don't we deserve the same national treatment when we are kidnapped, abused or killed? It's crazy and un-fair. Black woman are mothers, sisters, wives and friends just like white women. There are people who care about the Black women that go missing! And this website that I found is trying to get the word out. It's called BLACK AND MISSING BUT NOT FORGOTTEN and we all need to check it out and spread the word. Please take a look, there are hundreds of missing Black girls and women. And almost all of them have gotten no national coverage. We need to change this.....

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