Thursday, March 6, 2008

Kelly's new tittays

Okay, Kelly Rowland got some new titties, what is the big deal? And why is everyone asking her if she did it to compete with Beyonce? Because the last time I checked, Miss Knowles was rocking a big A cup. And even though Kelly claims she did it to fit into designer fashions better... Yeah right, you got them titties just in time to re-release your album. But like I mentioned times before, I can't knock someone's hustle.

But I am wandering what would Beyonce Do (WWBD). Or what is she going to do? Wait in a month or two, Beyonce's big A cup will be a huge C cup. Oh, c'mon the WRITINGS ON THE WALL.

1 comment:

christel said...

kelly is begging for that limelight! she wants to BASK in it....