Monday, March 24, 2008

Damn! The Jackson's are broke!!!

When I was little I always figured that the Jacksons (Micheal and Janet in particular) were like the richest people in the world. I got older and realized that was a stretch of the imagination but I knew that had stacks up to the ceiling. And that's more than the average. Now, I am a full fledge adult with bills and it looks that I am doing better than some of the Jackson siblings.
According to TMZ Marlon is working for Vons Grocery and lives in an extended hotel, Jermaine (my favorite California Raisin impersonator) is broke and goes back and forth between his bitch house and his parents house. Randy and Jackie are still living with the parents and Michael is almost broke. Tito makes a living playing for odd Jazz bands and it only get worst. Janet is the breadwinner of the family. She won't ever be able to retire from shaking her ass and lip-syncing!

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