Thursday, July 31, 2008

VIBE fooled me!

FLAVOR was not the silhouette on the original GUESS WHO VIBE cover. It's actually Jay-Z. *shock and awe* He is looking quite sickly (skinny). He must be on the same diet as Beyonce. Anywhoo, here are the covers:

The last post was titled GUESS WHO'S COMING TO DINNER. And personally, I prefer Jay Z at my dinner table over Flavor. Jay looks like he can chew with his mouth close.


n0days0ff said...

i knew that was hov shadow on the cover.i know my boy when i see him. turn word verification off if you want more people to comment

Sweetberries said...

And you know your old gravie, I thought it was you. I was like this dude really look like Jay Z. And might be ugly but looking like him ain't a bad thang. I'd smash.....

Oh, word verification.
Thanks for the tip!