Monday, July 14, 2008

When clubbing goes bad....

Now she better not use alcohol as an excuse as to why she did this to herself. When has us "regla" folk become so desperate for attention that we freak unisex people? I just don't get it. And her ass skin is ashy and her shoes don't match her outfit. Yeah, she is screaming for attention...

And this bitch is just swole. That is all!

Pics spotted at CRUNKTASTICAL


K@LiENTe said...

Bytch NOOOO..LMAO DA HELL GOIN ON????? WHy i mean look at dude in the red shirt, his mouth open like and this bytch looks horrible with that tight shyt on! MAN i wanna slap they friends for letting they azz walk out the house like this...hell they prolly came together!

Miss Sweetberries said...

Kali you know they came together. And they were all in the mirror before the club like, "Girl, you look so cute!" She got that "IMMA BAD BITCH" steelo on lock!

K@LiENTe said...

"She got that "IMMA BAD BITCH" steelo on lock!"

LMMFAO bytch! i hate when i see hoz on myspace tom'bout "the baddest bytch"!!! Ho whatchu say??? u look TI-RED bay bay!!! LMAO

Berri- i swear we related! (LMMFAO @ me tryna start a blog fam) LMMFAO

Miss Sweetberries said...

Let's start that doe! I'm all the way down.

I hate that Myspace shit too. Or when The Dream came out and every bitch had SHAWTY IS A TEN on they page. I even kno some girls who replaced the shawty part with their name. Urked me to the depths of my asshole, for real.

K@LiENTe said...

"Urked me to the depths of my asshole, for real."

LMMFAO bytch YOu-r-dumb!

Let's not talk about "bad bytch" by Webbie...i swear the tied-est females was the 1st ones on the dancefloor...i don't get it! who is tellin these hoz they r fine???? like this swole bytch, i can gare-n-tee he mofo azz done jacked this pic and put it on myspace and some loser done commented tom'bout..yea baby, u the baddest bitch!

-----------dead------------- and the cycle continues!

me n my goblins be quick to say uh uh bytch, da hell u got goin on??? try again because u ARE NOT steppin out with us lookin like that..oh ur hair ain't doen well u need to get that shyt done, or stay ur azz home...LOL

"Let's start that doe! I'm all the way down."

iight, u and Chrissy Snow from 2db y'all my I can be lame at times but it's all love!!! LMMFAo..both of yall keep my stomach hurting from laughter...LMAO tell me why i just thought about you fartin in ol' boys why i was waiting in my car and i had JUST let 1 rip and this nicca wanna walk out (the dr released him) Bytch..why i lit that black n mild sooooooooooooo fast!!! LMAO

oh and i ain't gone tell u how me and another one of my OLD boos were BLOWED and we were chillin n i had JUST came from the bathroom...didn't have to fart or anything...why when i sat down i let out a ppot??? why it was silent but deadly and i couldn't even say shyt or try to mask the i was thinkin dayum did this nicca fart (b/c i was blowed i don't remember me doing it) but then i was like hmmm that smells like my we finished watchin the movie and i left he walked me to my car kissed me n all and i haven't heard from him since...LMAO i'm like dammit man and he got a big ol dyck that i wanted..lmao matter of fact we were supposed to fukk Monday...i haven't called him...i mean WTF am i gonna say??? LOL i could be trippin but *whispering*i think he smelled it!

K@LiENTe said...


K@LiENTe said...

"let out a ppot"

i meant poot..haha

Miss Sweetberries said...


But why he stop calling? Niggas need to grow up, shit happens. LMAO!!!!!!!!

LOL@"Bad Bitch" by Webbie. That was my shit but I was never the one to run on the dance floor yelling the lyrics at the top of my lungs. And besides, I dance like a white girl (and damned proud of it!) and it wouldn't look right. And, girl no one is telling these hoes they fine, it's all pure assumptions. Believe me, I know some of these types.

But the biggest one that gets me now is Webbies INDEPENDENT song. Bitches be singing along but DONT' know how to spell the word.....


K@LiENTe said...

"But the biggest one that gets me now is Webbies INDEPENDENT song. Bitches be singing along but DONT' know how to spell the word....."

OKAY! tom'bout u got ya own car n shyt...GTFOH!!! LMAO

But why he stop calling? Niggas need to grow up, shit happens. LMAO!!!!!!!!"

-girl i don't even know...his loss!!!! everything happens for a reason

Eb the Celeb said...

My stomach hurts!