Thursday, February 21, 2008

ANTM Cycle 10 Premiere

ANTM Cycle 10 premiered last night and nothing spectacular happened. Actually, the episode was kind of boring. The first episode always is and last night I made the conscience decision to miss the premieres of ANTM from now on. But I am going to include my opinion about some of the girls Tyra and company picked.
I like the fact there are a handful of brown woman this cycle around. And this is even though, Marvita, is the ugliest girl in the competition and I can't really tell if Dominique is a badly tanned white woman, or a product of a interracial relationship. But I do know the bitch thinks she's the baddest walking under the sun. And did they really have to keep squeaky voiced Stacey Ann? She won't last long. My girl, Fatima, is already my favorite and she will win, HANDS DOWN. She looks exactly like Iman. Very pretty girl!
Other than that I am rooting for the punk rock girl because she's so awkward it's cute. And the lady that is drinking her own breast milk so she will still have a fresh supply when she gets home to her baby. That's dedication to your children folks. More ANTM drama next week.....

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