Monday, February 18, 2008

Slow News Day

There ain't shit going on today. Most people are still posting about what went on in NBA All Star weekend in NOLA. Okay, let me sum up the weekend for you: hoes, drugs, more hoes looking for ballers, violence, niggas, nigga moments (which can be constituted as violence) and hoes. Boom, in a nutshell baby!!!

Amy Winehouse is pictured above leaving a visit to her incarcerated husband, Blake. His stupid ass almost died of a heroine overdose in jail. SMH. Reports are saying that his shit was laced.

The real dinger is Amy's eye make-up. Either she haven't learned how to color inside the lines or her eye pencil is possessed. (I'm going with possessed!) Either way, she needs to hire a make-up artist STAT!!!!


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