Friday, February 15, 2008

Shame on the SFPD

San Francisco police probing the disappearance of a computer software developer let a couple now suspected in his death leave the home where the man apparently was killed, even after officers found blood smears there and cadaver dogs focused on the couple's van out front, court documents show.

The police actions laid out in a search warrant affidavit added to the apparent missteps that allowed the couple more than a week's head start before San Francisco investigators concluded the pair was connected to the beating death of their housemate, 49-year-old Leonard Milo Hoskins.

It took officers more than a week after the cadaver dogs showed interest in the van and police towed it before investigators searched the back and found Hoskins' body. By then, the suspects, Richard Carelli and his girlfriend, Michelle Pinkerton, both 38, were long gone, possibly to Mexico, police believe. Murder warrants have been issued for the couple. SOURCE

So the cadaver dogs detect rotting flesh and the police just impound the car and not search? Shame on you SFPD! If there was rotten flesh detected, that van should have been searched right then and there. I had a car impounded before and the police didn't waste no time going through my glove compartment to find something to steal. And who was working in the impound for a week and not smell a dead body? SMDH

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