Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Is the dick that good?

(MEMPHIS, TN 2/18/2008) A love triangle turns violent. Two twenty-something women fighting over the same guy. One pulls out a gun and starts shooting. But in this case the guy the women were fighting over is barely old enough to get a driver's permit.

The shooting happened the day after Valentine's Day at the Cypress Garden Apartments.

"We're starting to get cases on women just like anything else," said Lt. Nathan Berryman with the Memphis Police Dept. "It's not male exclusive crime anymore."

Police say 20-year-old Cherry Wright tried to kill her boyfriend's ex during a drive-by shooting. According to the report, she rolled up to 23-year-old Lakeviette Smith's apartment, pointed a gun out the window and started firing at her.

Damn! What happened to an old fashioned BITCH FIGHT to settle a score. Bitches doing drive by's. That is not lady like behavior.

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