Friday, August 22, 2008

At least they had a message

Lawd have mercy on my soul!!!! I haven't laughed this hard since I seen this girl fall out her seat on the train some time last week. She had the most vicious dopefiend nod I ever came across in life, and sadly, she paid the price in public. But back to the matter at hand, please remember, while laughing, that there is still a message for the inner cities.
*It's so cold n the D*

Spotted at Crunktastical


Bahama said...

YEA I SAW THIS EARLIER...i couldn't even watch all of it

Anonymous said...

HEY you, niggah wit money..lmao (lil wayne) Man i missed yall azz!!!

girl when i saw this shyt i was like "did this bytch just say how the fukk we posed to get peace"

i was crackin up!!!