Thursday, August 21, 2008

Update: The bitch was lying

...I knew it too. Greedy ass bitch.

I know I am a few days late on this but I had to post. Earlier this week Fatimah Jester, claimed her baby daddy, Yung Joc was in the rear $2000 on his child support payment. And she also said Joc has been refusing to stay in contact with her and that she was struggling. Joc (real name: Jasiel Robinson) called into Atlanta's V103 radio station on Monday (August 18) where he stressed the fact that he pays monthly payments to Fatimah Jester, but when the process was delayed -- beyond his control -- she made a big deal out of it.

"I never missed a payment," Joc said during the radio interview. "I don't pay it directly to her; I pay it through [the Georgia Department of Resources Office of Child Support Services]. My banker wires the funds to DHR; they wire the funds right to her account. However long that takes, she needs to discuss that with them, and not put me out there bad like that."

So the bitch also calls the radio station to try to recant what she said earlier. She said that Joc is, in fact, current on his child support payments. She said the problem was her getting her checks on the 3rd instead of the 1st of the month. All this because your check be 2 days late? I bet if the bitch had her OWN source of income, them two days wouldn't mean shit. Sitting around all month waiting on a check. The child support is for the child, not the mother's lifestyle. And also she should contribute to her son's life just as much as Joc does. Like I said before, she was a thirsty ass bitch and this was a ploy to get more money out him. Not only does Joc pays $2000 a month, he pays all medical expenses and pays for all his extra-curricular activities. All the bitch gotta do is work to provide for herself. And she can't even do that. SMH.


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