Tuesday, June 24, 2008

2 Pistols got DEBO'd by Dolla

These two "rappers" had a little scuffle yesterday. And word on the curb is that 2 Pistols got DEBO'd after talking shit:

According to reports from the artist's camp, Akon's 20-year-old artist, Dolla, got into a minor scuffle with Florida rapper 2 Pistols, which resulted in 2 Pistols -- who has been enjoying success with his hit single "She Got It" featuring T-Pain -- being knocked out.

Dolla's camp confirmed with BallerStatus.com that an altercation took place after he heard about recent public statements made by 2 Pistols claiming Dolla had "no street credibility and isn't really a rap artist from the streets."

These words stuck with Dolla. When he ran into 2 Pistols during Monday's media event, Dolla claims he confronted the rapper, which escalated into a scuffle, resulting in 2 Pistols being knocked out by "a single jab," his camp claims.

2 Pistols tells a very different story. He claims the argument was over his hit single, "She Got It" featuring T-Pain, which Dolla allegedly felt was supposed to go to him first. The Florida rapper claims the argument ended, he walked away, and then was sucker-punched. When he tried to strike back (grabbing a chair in the process), he says cops grabbed him, and Dolla and his entourage fled in the vehicles.

Whatever, this was a lover's spat that went too far. I know how it goes. But I sho can see 2 Pistols laying on the ground (Suge style) dazed and confused. He just seems soft like that. Not saying that Dolla has a threatening steeze neither. Just 2 bitches having a bitch fight.


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