Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Alicia Keys body

Alicia Keys performed at a Summer Jam in New Jersey and these pics have been in circulation on the net since. I read the comments that was associated with these pictures on a certain blog and every comment was hateful. Someone mentioned that she was flabby, she looked disgusting and needs to do 1000 sit ups a day and one person even said she had a muffin top. And all the comments were from other Black women. Black women, why we gotta be haters to the 3rd degree? Alicia Keys looks great right here. And for anyone to even fix their mouths to say anything different is a hater. She was wearing the hell out of those jeans and that little wife beater. And those boots are past FLY!!!! So Alicia keep representing for the woman that has some extra "holdage."

That is all!


K@LiENTe said...

PREACH! I know whatcha talkin bout cuz i was readin, and i was like wtf? First off Alicia is BEAUTIFUL and somebody betta tell these hoz Men nowadays don't want a bag of bones!!!! It's funny tho cuz she is NOWHERE near fat, hell i wish i had her stomach n but you are right, black women do hate on one another and it just shows their insecurity. I have no problem recognizin another bad bytch..haha i see girls all the time and i'm like you look cute, or i love those's funny cuz at first they are shocked, then they say thank you....yea WE ALL aren't HATERS!!!!

Miss Sweetberries said...

For real though! Great comment.

Silly Brown Eyed Girl said...

I wish I could fill out some jeans like that... fuck them haters. She look GOOD.