Friday, June 13, 2008

R. Kelly is aquitted of ALL charges

Well, slap me silly and call me Halle [Berry], R. Kelly is free to roam the land and write songs about fucking his hair braider. The jury deliberated for 7.5 hours before they found him not guilty on 14 child pornography charges. A little sumthin' of what the news is reporting:

Only one witness testified to having direct knowledge of an inappropriate relationship between Kelly and the alleged victim. Lisa Van Allen told the jury she engaged in a series of sexual encounters with the singer and his goddaughter when the girl was a minor.

The defense tried to undermine Van Allen's testimony by accusing her of concocting the story to extort money from Kelly. Van Allen, who lives in Georgia, called prosecutors with information about the case shortly after her fiance was arrested on guns and weapons charges.

Kelly's attorneys contended the young woman in the tape is not the alleged victim but a prostitute. They called three family members of the alleged victim who testified that they saw no resemblance between their relative and the female in the video.

I knew R. Kelly wasn't going to jail for this. The alleged victim denied being in the tape. And they been denying it since 2002. Her and her family decided not to testify. Then the prosecution gets a faulty ass, broke ass witness with interior motives. There were holes as big as my head in this case but they still took it to trial. Whoever slapped this case together should be slapped. That is all.


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Silly Brown Eyed Girl said...

Yea they fucked up on that case, but I know he's guilty of getting some pre-teen ass.Whether it was this girl of somebody else...