Tuesday, May 20, 2008

More 'Alter Ego' photos by Derek Blanks

David Banner just don't know!!!!! More photos from Derek Blanks 'Alter Ego' shoot. I love these pictures. Mashona's picture is......interesting but sexy. I still feel bad that her and Swizz Beatz did not make it. They seemed so genuine. But that's just me judging a book by it's cover.

Catch more of Derek Blanks work.


S A V V Y Fatty!...uhhh...DUH! said...

Mashonda's pic is HOT! She's probably about to give herself more D.I. than Swizzy ever could!

David Banner REALLY looks like Kunta as he's shinin' them shoes. WOW!

Silly Brown Eyed Girl said...

um... I've always had a thing for David Banner... I'm not ashamed. He could get it for real...lol