Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Omega fest

Went to the Omega Fest in SoCal over the weekend. It was bullshit. Those are one group of thoughtless, disrespectful and simple ass niggas. All of them. Sorry, but a few rotten apples can ruin the bunch. I'll never again attend any function given by this Fraternity. That is all! Back to our regular posting schedule.


Onan said...

Thats been my general experience in dealing with frats. I know its a broad stereotype but its been my overwhelming experience. I don't even have to know what went down to understand where you're coming from

Miss Sweetberries said...


I couldn't believe it neither. The things they say are true and that's very sad. I was groped, felt up and called a bitch on numerous occasions. I just wanted to have a good time. What made me even more upset was that most of the women at these functions, accepted that kind of behavior from these men. The women were just as bad. No respect or self respect at all.

E-Dub said...

So I take it you didnt have a good time? LOL

What do you expect from Shaq's Frat?

KJtheGreat said...

i'm sorry you had such a bad experience. this would be a perfect time to insert the fact that i'm NOT in that fraternity and that (on a whole) we don't act like that (A-Phi) but i'm sure that there are some dudes in my band that can be just as lame...here's hoping that they didn't turn you off from ALL black frats!

Miss Sweetberries said...


I can't say it turned me off to all frats. But I am completely turned off by this frat. And I know a guy who is in the same frat as you and he has been nothing but nice!