Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sexy in the city

Last night the crowd came out to the Radio City Music Hall to the premiere of Sex in the City the Movie. Jennifer Hudson represented for the full figured honeys in a really cute dress and an "a'ight" wig. Lil Kim and her face decided to show up, free publicity is good publicity. And so did MJB and Mr. Big with his BM. Sounded like my kind of party. But anyways, the movie hits theaters this Friday, May 30th. I think I'll pick up the bootleg and go to the theater to see The Strangers. Hey this is America, I can do what I want!

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Marleaux said...

So did you actually go see the Strangers. I did. It was awful. Everybody in the theater was pissed. The whole time folks were smacking their lips and rolling their eyes at the screen.

Miss Sweetberries said...


I ended up seeing both movies. I enjoyed Sex in the City despite the long as running time. And I did feel like the Strangers had this big build up then had this horrible ending. And yes, everyone in the theater was pissed!