Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ray J forcing himself into the news....


Nippy's new young bitch is just screaming for some love and affection from the media. His bitch ass was kicked out the Hyatt in DC for drugs and such:

According to TMZ, the "Sexy Can I" crooner was forced to leave his room at the Hyatt Regency in D.C. when security allegedly discovered marijuana and a club drug known as "boat" while investigating a complaint received by hotel management.

Sources for TMZ say Ray J argued vehemently with hotel security after attempting to bribe them to allow him to stay. Police were called to the scene however no arrests were made.

I take marijuana with me everywhere I go. I smoke out every hotel room I pay for whether smoking is allowed or not (I'm a rebel) and I have never been arrested, escorted out or interrupted. I think Ray J called the police on himself....


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