Thursday, May 29, 2008

The shit done hit the fan

Looks like someone has got their hands on a full copy of THE CARTER III. This album is not due to drop for another two weeks. I expected some (maybe even most) of the listed tracks to leak the week before the album release but damn, this nigga is not about to sell any record! But at the same time this is what he gets for talking to damn much. Just yesterday he dissed mixtape DJ's for 'using him'. Wayne, please put down the cup of sizzurp and back away slowly. Check out Nah Right for the audio of the mixtape DJ rant.

But someone got his CD and I'm pretty sure they'll either stream it or burn and give away for free. But Wanye has been his music away for free anyways (DOING MIXTAPES) so what's the big deal anyways?


Eb the Celeb said...

yeah he's really been smelling himself lately

Miss Sweetberries said...

For real though! He needs a big brother or a mentor or something. Just a role model period and not Baby!!!!!

Black Style Central said...

Wayne needs to learn about karma.