Thursday, April 17, 2008

Eddie's brand new beard

Flick via Crunktastical

There has to be something about Eddie because he sho'll do be catching them. His new girlfriend, Lara LaRue almost looks exactly like Nicole. Try something different Eddie. Or better yet, just come out the closet!

“He is already telling his friends that he is in love.” Lara, a sometime-model and a ringer for Eddie’s ex-wife Nicole Murphy, admitted to In Touch: “I know Eddie. He’s an amazing guy. I respect him and he respects me.” An insider reveals that Lara and Eddie met while bowling and have been keeping the relationship quiet. Eddie and Lara share the same April 3 birthday — but Eddie is 47 and Lara is 25."


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Eighty's Baby said...

I really dont understand this nigga. Eddie has to be one of the biggest simp in black hollywood. Get outta here with all these drive thru wifeys and go ahead and keep it real about ya boy Jonny Gill. ya only foolin yaself Ed. lol