Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mary and Jay play out Oakland fans

I was out of town over the weekend so I had no idea that Mary and Jay postponed their Oakland concert on Sunday. Apparently, they claimed there was technical difficulties but a person working on the tour (and also from Oakland) emailed SHAMELESSHYPE.COM and revealed the real reason:

"What's good, i'm a employee on the Jay-Z/Mary J. Blige tour and im also a native of Oakland. As you may had heard, the show was postponed due to some ol bullsh*t excuse of technical difficulties, but I know for a fact that nothing was wrong other than the fact that Jay and MJB were in no rush to get to Oakland, because they were too busy getting drunk in Vegas and wasnt trippin off performing in front of a non-sellout crowd in Oakland. I am sending you this because you guys are repping the bay and I was make sure that my town knew the real reason behind this. Please do not release my email address, because a brotha still needs this job with the show. Peace!"

And I believe it all.

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S A V V Y Fatty!...uhhh...DUH! said...

Damn, that's cold Camel and MJB!

I hope dude ain't the ONLY muhfucka working the production from da O.A.K. Cuz iffin' he's a WRAP like Saran!