Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Slow News Day

There wasn't shit to post about today. And when I say that, I mean there was nothing I wanted to post about. The Jayonce wedding won't get any attention from me until I see some wedding party pictures. And I refuse to believe that Beyonce is pregnant and they had a shotgun wedding. Beyonce strikes me as a person that does give a fuck, so I doubt she would get pregnant outside of wedlock. But enjoy the video for my most favorite song in the world: "YOU" by Raheem DeVaughn

Shesus, please be a better news day tomorrow!

1 comment:

S A V V Y Fatty!...uhhh...DUH! said...

Im with you. Slooooowww newsday.

But I'm bobbin' my head to this joint, though.

Good lookin!

It's SavvyFatty, snitches!