Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Who gives a fuck?

Robert, from Day 26 (--the one famous for being a bitch...) proposed to his girl June Pettiford. I am not sure what the big deal is being that I never keep up with MTB but apparently he has lied about being with the girl. I wanna know how did he pay for that lobster and them rings. You can't use your EBT card at Kay's Jeweler's..... Because we all know Diddy ain't paid nobody. Word on the street is that Cheri Dennis has a part time gig at her local Burger King. Anywhoo, get the rest of the scoop at YBF.

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Eighty's Baby said...

Huh? Its cold that the one dude that we got to wear an Eighty's Baby tee on TV, is the one with the most bitchassness. No disrespect but his girl looks like she's done time before.

Lawd, please take the wheel. lol