Thursday, April 24, 2008

5 signs HE ain't interested

I die a little bit more on the inside every time I see this picture.

While doing my blog rounds of the day, I came across an article by The Fly Guy. Lately, I have been feeling like my special guy friend's interest in me is waning... It's hard to swallow, I know. And after reading this article I signed because I know more than likely, my assumptions are right. But for all the other ladies (and men) out there still wondering if he's feeling you the same way you feelin him, read the list below...

1. He never calls first.

Do me a favor and check how many times you’ve called him over the past two weeks. Once you’ve written that number down, compare it to the number of times he’s called you during that same period.

Big difference?

Listen, when you’re the one that calls first … every single time … what he’s actually showing you is that he’s about as interested in you as Naomi Campbell is in attending anger management classes.

2. He never attempts to make any plans with you.

Another indicator that he’s not interested in you can be found in how aggressively he tries to make plans with you. Does he immediately come to the table with the “who, what, when, where, and why” of a romantic night out? Or does he talk about seeing you in terms that are about as vague as Al Sharpton’s job description? (After all these years, I still don’t know what he does.)

Side Bar: Late night calls asking you to “come over and watch this movie with me,” don’t exactly equate to him making legitimate plans.

3. He constantly cancels the date at the last minute.

You look beautiful tonight. In fact, you always do on date night. But shortly before it’s time for you to meet, the phone rings. It’s him on the other end, beginning the same conversation you’ve heard many times before …

“Hey I’m sorry, but my job is making me work late again. My boss always seems to find a way to keep us apart.”

Fly Guy Translation: “I really don’t feel like going out with you tonight. Plus, I forgot the game was about to come on, so I had to weigh my options. Let’s see: spending money on you … watching the game … spending money on you … watching the game. I think we both know who won that battle.”

4. He becomes a master magician (now you see me, now you don’t.)

In the beginning, the two of you would speak several times a day … kind of like Kevin Federline and The Unemployment Office. And just when you thought something positive was about to happen, he up and disappeared … kind of like Kevin Federline and The Unemployment Office.

In fact, you were THIS close to giving up on him; then conveniently, he reappeared. Of course, he apologized and gave his word that it would never happen again. But it did, and the cycle continued … kind of like Kevin Federline and … well you get the point.

5. He begins to point out your differences.

A rather obvious sign that he’s not interested is when he starts pointing out your differences … no matter how random or how insignificant they may be. Maybe you like to argue and he doesn’t. Perhaps you’re a Democrat and he’s a Republican. Or maybe you like fried fish but he prefers baked … Doritos to his Sun Chips … Colgate to his Crest … Connect Four to his Battleship … Should I go on?

Here’s the bottom line. By highlighting your differences, what he’s really trying to say is this: “We aren’t made for each other.”

And ain't all that a bitch? But it's life and it happens to the best of us. For more love advice (from a Black man, oh la la) visit The Fly Guy Chronicles.

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CCGroovy!!! said...

As with anything; trust your gut. It's rarely wrong. And yeah; the game goes both ways. I've found myself on the receiving end of these STOP signs from a lady friend or 2.