Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Baggy tight jeans

Yesterday it was the Thong Jeans and now we have the Baggy Tight Jeans. The funny thing is me and my cousin was just talking about how niggas is taking this punk rock rapper thang way too far! These jeans are all the way HOMO (and I'm no homophobe) and I already know they will be all the rage. Juelz Santana, Jim Jones, Baby and Weezy are all going to have a pair of these jeans in every color and wash. And then every other rapper is going to follow because that's just the order of things. And also because everybody and they favorite rapper pole rides Wayne's shit.

Flicks spotted at The Life Files


CCGroovy!!! said...

I....just...don'! This almost makes the Thong Jeans make total sense.

K@LiENTe said...

NO MA'AM!!!! i wish a nicca would try to holla wearin somethin like this

Bahama said...

LOL!!! oh that's all i can do..

S A V V Y Fatty!...uhhh...DUH! said...

All I gotta say is 'Gangstalicious.'
**shaking head**