Monday, April 28, 2008

You so crazy Khia

Khia was kicked off of Miss Rap Supreme last week and now she is blogging about errbody and they cousin, auntie, mom and favorite sibling. Here is a snippet of what she had to say about Kim Kardashian:

And Ms. Kim….. The wannabe soooo innocent hoe that fucked and sucked Ray- J good and put that sex tape out on purpose….. She wanted yall to see her suck dat dick. SCANDULOUS HOES… That’s what hoes do…. To get famous!!! She went and got some ass shots and now she‘s a super HOE star….. And us Queens are out here grinding and working hard and y’all wanna hate on a Queens like me!! Ya;ll call me black and ugly???How can you put BLACK and UGLY in the same sentence and these whores is steady taking our BLACK KINGS???? What has she done besides… Suck a dick… And she get REGGIE…. I want me a football player…. Reggie call me baby…… Ohhhhhh I forgot… It’s ALL WAYNE’S!!!!! I love my BLACK KINGS!! Don’t ya’ll get it???? Black is beautiful but you black bitches don’t seem to get that! I’m soooo glad that the white bitches do!!! Dats a muthafuckin damn shame!!!

Although, she does make a point about the state of Black relationships between Black men and women, she could could have took it easy on the nasty language. Check the rest of the Blog post out at her Myspace page. With a couple of grammer and english classes, Khia could might could be a great writer.


Bahama said...

With a couple of grammer and english classes, Khia could might could be a great writer.

^^^ Oh you so wrong for that, lmao

K@LiENTe said...

LMAO Khia is so dayum hood, i'm laughin at them pics...mugshots whatever the he!! they are...she looks a hot butacky mess!!

Miss Sweetberries said...


You caught me Bahama! This bitch is a fucking mess.

And apparently she was arrested 21 times in 5 years for a variety of things. k@liente, she is so damn hood..... and she can't help it.

Eighty's Baby said...

She act like these other bitches are creepin in like ninjas in the thick of the night and swoopin all of the niggas up. If she got her teeth fixed, took a bath, got her hair done and maybe got her GED, maybe she could get her a do right brotha. Naw, who am I fooling, dont nobody want this bitch.

Miss Sweetberries said...

I heard this one guy said he wouldn't even suck Khia titties if they were on someone else.

CCGroovy!!! said...

Aside from the spelling/grammer errors and profanity; she makes a lot of good sense. And her argument goes both ways. U got some good stuff up here,baby. I'm going to BORROW the mugshot pic from U. Love ya!

Miss Sweetberries said...


I always appreciate the love.

When I seen this collection of mugshots I choked on my morning coffee. Only Khia. And the hair.....